Award-winning Digital Optics software makes advanced scientific imaging and spectroscopy easy. Sophistication, speed, power and full Windows compatibility all come together in a seamless package. Digital Optics products are used in more than 40 countries for thousands of applications in physical, biomedical and forensic sciences.

Digital Optics Products

Digital Optics offers the following product families:

V++ Precision Digital Imaging

V++ is our flagship imaging product and provides the architecture on which our other products are built. It is a high-performance digital imaging software which caters for all types of users, from users looking for an easy-to-use scientific imaging package, to experienced researchers with demanding custom applications. Even developers will find V++ meets their needs as it is highly configurable and includes a powerful built-in programming language.

Extensive equipment control capabilities include interfaces for cameras, video frame grabbers, scanners, and a host of computer controlled laboratory equipment, including filter wheels, shutters, translation stages.

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VSpec Precision Digital Spectroscopy

VSpec and VSpec Pro are newer products, built on the V++ architecture, and aimed at spectroscopy applications. Control of a wide variety of cameras, spectrometers and other equipment has been integrated by RCubed Software, a Digital Optics strategic partner.

VSpec is a powerful dedicated spectroscopy package with extensive hardware support, based on the V++ system architecture.

VSpec Pro combines the full set of V++ imaging features with the spectroscopy features of VSpec, making a sophisticated package for the researcher who wants everything.

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