On this page you will find Digital Optics drivers for a variety of digital cameras and video frame grabbers as well as documentation and sample code for programmers wishing to write drivers. These drivers are suitable for V++ and VSpec Pro only.

Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Digital Optics has partnered with Tetherscript Technology Corporation, the manufacturer of ControlMyNikon, to integrate comprehensive Nikon SLR camera control functions into V++. This driver is a specially designed plug-in that makes the entire functionality of Tetherscript's ControlMyNikon application available from within V++.

Supported cameras include: D3, D3S, D3X, D300, D300S, D40, D40x, D60, D80, D90, D200, D700, D800, D5000, D5100, and D7000. Other Nikon camera models may also be compatible with the listed models - please contact us if your camera is not listed.

IMPORTANT: To use this plug-in, you MUST purchase a registration code for the ControlMyNikon product. This can be supplied by your V++ distributor, or directly by Digital Optics, or may be obtained from the ControlMyNikon web site.

In order to setup the plug-in correctly you should install it using the installer provided here, which will also install the original ControlMyNikon product (currently version 4.3).

IMPORTANT: Release of V++ ControlMyNikon 5.0 is pending.

Click here to download the V++ ControlMyNikon plug-in (ZIP file, 19MB)

Allied Vision Technologies Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Cameras

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) produces a wide range of GigE cameras, all of which are supported in V++ by this driver. Any AVT or Prosilica camera that confirms to the PvAPI interface standard can be controlled using this driver.

The driver is a comprehensive implementation of PvAPI and supports synchronous and asynchronous image capture, live focussing, regions of interest, and advanced settings. Control from VPascal modules is fully supported, including directly modifying camera attributes. Multiple GigE cameras may be controlled simultaneously, if supported by your network architecture.

Click here to download AVT GigE Drivers (ZIP file, 15.3 MB)

Euresys GrabLink Value

This driver supports the Euresys GrabLink Value frame grabber and was created by Total Turnkey Solutions (Australia). Before installing this driver, you should install the hardware and the manufacturer's Windows drivers.

Click here to download GrabLink Drivers (ZIP file, 283 KB)


The PIXCI range of video frame grabbers includes models for both analog and digital acquisition. This driver supports all PIXCI devices, including the SV4, SV5, SV6, SV7 and D boards. In conjunction with a PIXCI-D frame grabber, the driver also supports the Roper Scientific QuickSnap digital camera.

Before using this driver, you must install the Windows drivers supplied with the frame grabber. This video driver is compatible with XCAP 3.8.

Click here to download PIXCI Drivers (ZIP file, 1.5 MB)

Hamamatsu Photonics DCAM Digital Cameras

This driver supports all Hamamatsu DCAM-compatible digital cameras. It is designed to operate with DCAM version 2.1.3 or later, and supports all modes of operation including continuous streaming for rapid focus. Multiple camera control is fully supported. Version 2.0 of the driver adds support for the "universal" extended commands including hardware sub-arrays, hardware brightness and contrast, temperature control and monitoring, and other advanced camera settings.

Click here to download DCAM Drivers (ZIP file, 528 KB)

Imaging Technology Itex-IC

This driver was developed for the Imaging Technology IC-DIG digital frame grabber and requires that Itex version 2.7.1 is installed. The driver should also work with other boards in the Itex-IC range but this has not been tested. It is capable of real time focus and frame capture. You must configure the driver before attempting to access the Itex board (do this using the Video | Configure command in V++). In particular, you should use the Itex Configurator to create a configuration file for your camera.

Click here to download ITEX Drivers (ZIP file, 423 KB)

Imaging Technology Overlay Frame Grabber

This is a native driver for the Imaging Technology OFG board and requires no other software at all. However, this version can only be used under Windows 95/98. You must configure the driver before attempting to access the OFG board (do this using the Video | Configure command).

Click here to download OFG Drivers (ZIP file, 447 KB)

Imagraph Imascan frame grabbers

This driver was developed by a third party for the Precision / ChromaP boards and cannot be downloaded directly from the web site. Please contact Digital Optics if you require the Imascan driver.

This is not a Windows display driver for Imagraph products. It is a video capture driver specifically for the V++ software and does not include any Windows installation files.

MRT VideoPort Professional PC-Card frame grabber

The MRT VideoPort Pro is a PCMCIA color frame grabber suitable for use with notebook computers. You must install the standard Windows drivers for the VideoPort before the V++ driver can operate.

Click here to download VideoPort Drivers (ZIP file, 340 KB)

National Instruments IMAQ frame grabbers

This driver supports all of the National Instruments IMAQ video frame grabbers, including the 1407, 1408, 1409, 1411, 1422, 1424 and 1428 boards. You may install and simultaneously control multiple IMAQ boards with this driver, even if they are different models.

Special features of this driver include extra support for real time image sequence capture, high speed focussing, external trigger support, hardware decimation, ROIs and both monochrome and color images.

Before using this driver you must install the National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer software that is included with all IMAQ boards.

Click here to download IMAQ Drivers (ZIP file, 473 KB)

How to install a Digital Optics video driver

The ZIP files you can download above contain Windows installers for Digital Optics video drivers. Unzip the file and copy the self-installing EXE files to your hard drive. The drivers are compatible with V++ and VSpec Pro only.

To install a driver you must close V++ / VSpec Pro and run the installer. The driver will be automatically loaded next time you start the software. Always check the configuration settings (using the Video | Configure menu command) before capturing images.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you have installed the frame grabber itself according to the manufacturer's instructions and any Windows drivers it may require before attempting to install or load the V++ driver.

Always read the Readme.txt file when is is displayed during the installation.

Developer Resources

Video Driver Writer's Guide
The driver writer's guide is the official documentation for the Digital Optics video architecture. It describes in full detail how to implement a Windows DLL that conforms to the Digital Optics driver specification.
(PDF file, 478 KB).

Sample driver source code (Delphi)
This zip file (5 KB) contains Borland Delphi source code illustrating how to write a V++ video driver. The code is in skeleton form and ready to compile - you simply need to add code specific to your own device. 

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