Here you will find links to a variety of technical articles. Contributions from users are very welcome and we will post them in this technical information area. If you are using a Digital Optics product in an interesting or unusual application, or have VPascal code you are willing to share with other users, then please contact us.

VPascal Articles

VPascal Primer
A complete tutorial introduction to programming with the VPascal automation language. The primer teaches you how to build effective imaging routines, customize the V++ user interface, and automate control of a camera or frame grabber. Later chapters focus on advanced techniques. (PDF, 475 KB).

Index Range Notation
Technical notes about one of the powerful "dot-dot" notation provided by VPascal (PDF, 117 KB).

Windows API Access
How-to paper on calling Windows API functions directly from VPascal (PDF, 53 KB).

Using Filter Wheels and Stages
How-to paper on controlling filter wheels, translation stages, and other types of laboratory equipment using VPascal modules (PDF, 64 KB).

Imaging Articles

An Automatic Thresholding Routine for V++
Describes an automatic thresholding algorithm developed to assist in the analysis of stained cross-sectional slices of wood. The thresholded images provide accurate measurements of cell dimensions in the wood slices. Contributed by Lloyd Donaldson (Forest Research NZ Ltd, Rotorua, New Zealand) and Mattias Moëll (Centre for Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden).

Developer Articles

Digital Optics Attachments in TIFF Files
Detailed technical specification for reading and writing Digital Optics image attachments in a standard TIFF file while retaining compatibility with other applications.

Video Driver Writer's Guide
Official documentation for the Digital Optics video architecture, enabling you to integrate digital cameras, frame grabbers, and other imaging devices into V++ and VSpec products.

User Applications

Please see the Applications page, for detailed information about specialized user applications of V++ and VSpec.

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