This page contains a variety of downloadable extensions for V++ or VSpec, including hardware controllers and imaging applications.

AutoCollect time lapse imaging application

AutoCollect is a V++ and VSpec extension that provides comprehensive time lapse imaging capabilities. It provides for automatically triggered image capture at specified intervals with a logging capability and several options for both automatic and manual termination. The captured images may be automatically saved to disk as they arrive or may be stored in memory as a movie sequence.

The AutoCollect extension allows you to use a video device or a PVCAM camera as the imaging device.

Click here to download AutoCollect.zip (237 KB)

LUDL filter wheel controller

Creates a toolbar for controlling a LUDL filter wheel via the serial port. Can be called from other modules using DDE. Contributed by Scott Sternberg, Photometrics Inc.

Click here to download LUDLWheel.v (4 KB)

LUDL z-axis controller

Creates a toolbar for controlling a LUDL microscope z-axis stage and can be called from other modules. The serial commands for other axes are the same so this module can be readily modified to control any LUDL stage.

Click here to download LepZAxis.v (9 KB)

Photometrics Series 200 camera support

Driver for Windows 95/98/ME that allows V++ and later to control a Series 200 camera system using the PVCAM interface.

Click here to download SetupSeries200.zip (516 KB)

Sutter Lambda 10-2 filter wheel controller

Routines for controlling a Sutter Lambda 10-2 filter wheel. This module creates a toolbar for the user and also shares its control routines and variables so that they can be accessed from other modules or external programs using DDE. Contributed by Scott C. Molitor, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine.

Click here to download LambdaCtrl.v (9 KB)

Text Overlay application

The Text Overlay extension provides the ability to write text onto an image with a choice of sizes, fonts and backgrounds. The text is written destructively, meaning that it is "burned" into the image pixels rather than being a graphical overlay. This is useful when you wish to permanently brand an image or ensure that the overlay will be visible in any imaging application.

Click here to download TextOverlay.zip (219 KB)

Timers extension

The Timers extension gives your VPascal modules the ability to create Windows timers which will automatically call shared procedures at regular intervals.

Click here to download Timers.zip (28 KB)

VPascal samples

Please refer to the VPascal Modules page for programming extension libraries.

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